Click here to download manual

Click to download manual

Our 68 page Technical Manual was two years in the making. It was developed as a reference guide for distributors and to provide answers to our customers in a timely manner. The manual has received accolades from our customers as an invaluable reference tool for those buying and selling metric fasteners.

All information in the Technical Manual was derived from published standards such as DIN, ANSI, JIS and SN. We strived to create a manual that could answer the most common questions we receive from our customer base. While our business is exclusively through the distribution channel, we have included the manual on this website to make the information available to our distributor’s customers.

Lindstrom also offers these technical services:

  • Custom Labeling – Multiple Langues, Custom Logos and Part Numbers, and Bar Coded Information
  • Part Sourcing – Mill Specials
  • Engineering Support
  • Metric Specialists – DIN, ISO, JIS, ANSI
  • Blueprint Creation
  • Prototype Part Creation
  • Certifications – PPA, COC, First Article Layout
  • EDI Capable
  • Part Number Cross – Referencing


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