Direct Representatives
Territories: Ohio, Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania
Bruce Quittenton

Packaging – Director of  Sales – Matt Sall

Alabama, Georgia, Florida – Paul Kelley

Moynihan Sales
Territories: Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts (Zip Codes 01420-05544)
John Moynihan

Canada – Brent McIntyre or Bill Akerfeldt

Lee S.Johnson Associates, Inc.
Territories: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Metro New York, Eastern Pennsylvania
Lee Johnson Jr.

Steve Welch Associates
Territories: North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia
Steve Welch

R.A.Philips, Inc.
Territories: Upstate New York, Western Pennsylvania
Tom Philips

Wing-Hamlin Co.,Inc.
Territories: Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Nebraska, Indiana
Mike Hamlin
Nicole Korb
Mike Hoffman
Cory Wing
Jeff Adams

Westerra Marketing
Territories: Idaho, Oregon, Washington
Craig Cooper 

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